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Advantages Of Renting A House At West Campus

Choosing to rent a home in the West Campus area is one of the best decisions students from the University of Texas can ever make. This place is full of good apartments you can rent with the preferred ones including 900 West 23rd, Regents West, The Pointe on Rio, Rio West, Lonestar, Park Place, 26 West, The Quarters, Crest at Pearl, and the Block on Campus.

The student rental west campus provides accommodation to the students in the campus.  The following are some benefits you get by preferring West Campus as your home.



The greatest advantage for students residing at West Campus is the walkability. Students living in this place can walk apartment buildingfrom every part to campus, making it the most convenient locality to live in for students at the University of Texas. Moreover, there is the choice of picking a West Campus bus to take you around, to campus, and to neighboring areas such as Guadalupe.

Time management is critical when studying in the university, and the accessibility and closeness of the West Campus to the University of Texas make you save a lot of time as possible.

Variety of choices

Every student has a different taste and preference for the kind of home he would want to live in, as he starts his new life. West Campus provides several categories and choices for you. There are apartments as well as condos for you to decide, which one to select. Student reviews indicate that majority of them students fancy and favor condos over apartments because condos are more affordable in addition to having an individual landlord. The apartments and condo have spacious rooms and bedrooms ranging from one bedroom to seven bedrooms. Some of them have indoor pools which some have outdoor pools. Most of them have an extensive compound with packing areas.


stairs You would want to enjoy the greatest service and the best amenities you could find in a residential neighborhood. West Campus has some of the finest facilities including restaurants such as Halal Brothers, Kismet, Freedmans, Sushi Nichi, and Pluckers to provide you with their vegetarian meals. The region is also close to places such as Guadalupe where you can easily access to buy your desired products from renowned stores such as the American Apparel, Monkies Vintage, and Urban Outfitters.

You can also enjoy your coffee as you study from the Café Medici, have fun on Tuesday nights at the quintessential college bar, and The Local for your Wednesday night hangouts. Pease Park is a pleasant place to go if you are interested in spending free time in a concrete jungle or planning to mark your birthday with memorable moments. At the Pease Park, you will enjoy games, food, drinks, as well as music the whole day.

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