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Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

Handling children today demands much professionalism and training for educators. One of the available childcare courses you can enroll for to guarantee you a career as an early childhood education and care professionals is the Certificate III. You can register to train either on face-to-face or online training platforms. The course also comes with a combination of practical placement curriculum, which allows you to gain a lot more exposure in the education sector and subsequently leading you to become a very experienced graduate. The Childcare Courses are centered towards the development of the child. The following are what you should know about this early childhood education and care course:

General information

The description of the Course Units

children in preschool To fulfill the requirements for this course, you will have to undertake 18 units. The first five include promotion of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety, cultivating cultural competence, guaranteeing the health and security of children, providing care for children, and promoting and providing healthy food and drinks. The second five include the provision of care for babies and toddlers, establishing active and respectful relationships with children, applying an approved learning framework to guide practice, supporting the holistic development of children in early childhood, and Providing experiences to support children’s play and learning.


The other five units include helping children to connect with their world, using information about children to inform practice, complying with the requirements of family day care administration, attending to daily functions in home-based care and working legally and ethically. Finally, the remaining three units include identifying and responding to children and young people at risk, providing an emergency first aid response in an education and care setting, and participating in workplace health and safety.

Course requirement

To finish this course, you will attend 22 weeks of face-to-face training translating to 264 hours and undertake 8 hours a week of practical in a childcare Centre from week four to week 13 converting to 80 hours. You will go through 16 hours a week of practical in a child Center from week 14 to week 21 translating to 128 hours. You will also have to have your own time of reading, a minimum of three hours per week amounting to 60 hours. The school fee needed for this course is only $3500. You will have to deposit a $3000 and this payment does not include the cost of textbooks. Payment plan options are also available for students.

Occupational titles

coloring pencils After fulfilling the requirements of Certificate III in early childhood education and care, you can work as a playgroup supervisor, childcare assistant, family day care worker, nanny, childcare worker, mobile assistant, recreation assistant, and outside school care hours’ representative. The options are just enough for one person.

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