Features of a good physical exam template

A physical exam template is important when undergoing a physical exam. A doctor does the physical exam as a preparation for a job or a training course. Most of the time a physical exam is a requirement that you must undergo before you are taken in the new job or training. The physical exam template will indicate your physical condition as far as fitness for the job is concerned. It will show the current medical state of an individual as well the medical history. When looking for a physical exam template, it should have some specific features.

Physical exam template features

Personal details

A physical exam template starts with the personal details. The personal details indicate things like name, age, address and other details. These details take the first part of the template, and they act as a general introduction to the candidate who is undergoing the physical exam. The personal details section is an important part of the template, and it should never be ignored. Many people might argue that personal details are not part of the physical exam, but they still play an important role.


Physical details

Apart from the personal details, the physical details are an important part of the template. The physical details will describe the physical features of the candidate. It is important to include the physical details of the candidate because some jobs require these details. For instance aspects like height and weight are important for some jobs like cabin crew or any other related jobs. In some templates, you will also get details about the vision of each eye and also the hearing capability.

Medical history

The medical history will list all the conditions that you have ever been diagnosed with. Some specific diseases are listed like respiratory diseases and also autoimmune diseases. These are requirements for employees and also trainers because they need to know the past health of their candidates.

stethoscope and medical record

Risks of disease

The risk of illness is also determined in the physical template. Some people have a higher risk of contracting some diseases compared to others. You can determine the risk of diseases by looking at the current physical health and also immunization. If a candidate has been immunized against some diseases, then they have a lower risk of contracting the disease.

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