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How To Find A Good Preschool For Your Child

Bringing up a baby may involve a lot of decisions along with selecting the best preschool for your child. The London Preschool is the best place to take your child for quality education. Undoubtedly with the passage of time nuclear family system completely replaces the concept of joint families where grandfather and grandmother are there to look after the children in the family.

However, current scenario in metro cities has increased the demand for a well organized day care center to ensure the persistent child development. In today’s era where both parents have to go out to earn income to bestow a quality lifestyle to the child regarding finances, therefore in the absence of parents, a daycare center is an option you can rely upon as it can help the most by taking proper care of your baby.

Picking Out The Right Preschool For Your Kidskids in preschool

A good preschool will prepare your child academically and socially, and help them get ready for the more formal learning environment of “big school.” It’s best to plan on choosing the right pre-school for your child at least a year in advance, especially if you live in a big city.

Factors to Consider

The first step is to find out what’s important for your child and your family. What’s highest on your priority list for your preschool kids? Is it academic training or social development? Or is it a balance of both?

There are some other factors you have to consider, including cost, school timings, location, student/teacher ratio, facilities and affiliation with regular schools.

The Price Tag

Preschools can charge a bundle, depending on where you live. It’s wise to decide what’s within your budget beforehand and choose among the preschools within the range you can afford.

School Timings

If both parents work and you don’t have other family members at home, you might consider preschools with longer hours preschool or those who have tie-ups with child daycare facilities.


It’s best to limit yourself to an area within a 20-minute travel time for your toddler unless your child has special needs.

Student/Teacher Rdrawing atio

At least one adult for every ten children is desirable. Good preschools provide at least one teacher and one assistant or attendant.


Are the school rooms clean, well-lit, spacious, and with good ventilation? Has attention been paid to safety? Are there a variety of preschool activity areas, with craft materials, books and toys for the children to play with? Is there an outdoor play area with well-maintained with playing equipment?

Affiliation to Regular Schools

You might consider getting your child enrolled in the preschool section of your area’s “big” school. This could be slightly expensive, but it will help your child avoid the stressful entrance tests to primary education.

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