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Tips and tricks and how to study before an exam

Some people refer to studying before an exam as cramming, but it is not, you still have some hours if not days to prepare for the test, and you can learn so many things at this time. Therefore, do not be afraid if you have been procrastinating until few days before the exam you can still pass the test. The following tips and tricks will help you get through the exam.

Studying for an Exam

· apple on booksEat some brain food.

Brain food does not mean cocoa puffs, take a good meal for dinner to boosts the workability of your brain. Eating something before you study to reduce the temptation of going to look for something in the middle of your study session which may make you stop studying early.

· Organize your study materials.

Before you begin studying, get all the materials that relate to your exam; books, quizzes, handouts, notes, projects and place them on your study desk so that you are able to see what you are required to work with.

· Set study sessions of 45 minutes.

You will need to set a timer for 45 minutes as you are going to study continuously for 45 minutes then take 5 minutes breaks. If you study for too long with no break, your brain will overload making you lose focus. It is better to study for short sessions with breaks so that you are bale to study for a long time without losing focus.

· Follow the study guide

Most teachers set exams from the materials that they presented in class, therefore, if you were given a study guide by the teacher, then you should start studying from them. Refer to the notes, quizzes, handouts and books and read everything in them. Go through any revision questions that you might have been given in class as they are often repeated in the exams.

· Look for a study partner to quiz you

You can look for your brother, mom or best friend and have him or her ask you question on the materials you are studying. Make a list of any questions that you cannot remember or get stuck and after being quizzed, go through the material again until you have fully understood it.

person using tablet· Get enough sleep.

Nothing will make you perform poorly than staying up all night studying. This is so tempting especially if you are running out of time but you should ensure you get enough sleep the night before the exam. Depriving yourself sleep makes you feel exhausted and can make you forget some of the info that you learnt because the brain is not functioning properly.