Various Facts To Know About Typing for Kids

In this era, typing for kids is no longer part of the curriculum. It is assumed that kids do not need it since they are exposed to computers and cell phones at a very early age. However, this is a wrong assumption since most children do not learn to type the right way.

Facts To Know About Typing for Kids

Does how we type matter?Computer

When exposed to the keyboard, most people develop curious hunt-and-peck methods. While some perfect this method, it is not the right way to type. Since the late 19th century, there has been a right way to type developed by Frank McGurrin.

It allows you to type without conscious attention, which frees the person to focus on what he or she is writing. Typing without looking at the keyboard takes the burden of finding the keys from the working memory, freeing it to focus on the flow of ideas. This allows one to type at the speed of thought.

What is the best age to teach?

Kids are developmentally ready to touch-type around the age of 7 or 8 when they have gained the right finger span and motor coordination. Younger children can however still be taught using keyboard printouts on where letters are laid out and how to position fingers on the home keys.

Learning games

Learning to type on plain old repetition can be very dull especially to kids since they have a very low concentration span. Games have revolutionized learning in the classroom by transforming it from the traditional passive approach to a more active and fun approach. This, research shows, has increased student achievement by upwards of 20%.

Through computer keyboardthese games, students achieve higherspeed and accuracy through increased interaction with the computer and their classmates. As they play, they develop better memory and hand-eye coordination, which is crucial in the mastery of touch-type. Teaching typing to kids in addition to the obvious benefit of increasing the speed they transfer their thoughts to words also improves visual-motor coordination.

These skills result in improved grammar, writing and spelling skills. We are in a digital age where typed assignments are the norm in high school, and superior typing skills are critical for employability, but this cannot be a replacement for learning handwriting skills. Learning proper writing is still important not only in communication but also in building hand strength in kids.

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